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In this lockdown, the things I missed the most was my friends, loved ones and outing and finally, I went to the most amazing rooftop of Agra with my friends on 18th and seriously it was a great experience with them-

You all know what is the best and amazing thing about outings is the food and the most important clicking pictures. Clicking pictures are one of the most important things which I love when going out.

the best thing is food as I don’t eat that much junk but when I am out with friends and family the only things I am mad on is food.

so I had my favorite things to eat which CHILLI CHICKEN AND CHEESE BURST PIZZA! P.S- right now also I m in a pang of guilt! oh, damn so many calories? why?

cheese burst pizza
cheese burst pizza

but no issues sometimes sab kuch chalta hai!

so when I got to know in the morning that I have to go to my friends birthday party I was seriously so much excited not because I was going out but yes I will get a chance to get ready to do my makeover and and and to wear some fashionable clothes_

Everything there was well good all the people servants and waiters everyone is wearing masks and on each and every table or cabins, sanitizers are there.

I am very happy that in this pandemic also people are serving us and making us feel protected

I also missed my long-distance best friend at that time because she is away from all of us.

so if you are also planning to go somewhere please be safe and take care of your surroundings and the people around you.

So have great life ahead to all my lovely readers.


stay safe and happy pandemic is not OVER yet.

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