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Hello readers,

As I m not that much fit.

Sharing you my fitness journey from Fat to Fit, 2 years I was overweight about 84 kg. Now I have lost 20 kg. But it’s with A Gym, strict diet, no weight loss pills, completely adapted healthy lifestyle and of course workout. Since childhood, I was overweight even in school days. I can say I have very bad genes. Two years ago on diwali, I went with my family to celebrate that day, sister took one photo of mine when I saw that photo, I was shocked by what had happened to me, I never looked like this earlier. I was the fattest among all my three siblings. My brother always encourage me to do excercise but I never felt like that ! But his again again taunting me encouraged me alot.

So from that day, I decided that I have to do something for my health. Initially was very difficult for me but I didn’t give up. Earlier, I went to the gym but when I stopped workout I gained so much weight. Because of some work schedule, i didn’t’ know what to do, so decided I will again start to go gym . My morning routine start with my alkaline water that is lemon water and honey with pinch of turmeric.

Started cardio training for 50 min daily for 1 week. I cut off every bad food like sugar, refined flours, oily food, street food etc. As I was foodie a great foodie ✨I was also doing functional training. resistant band workout then started with weights. Climbing stairs is also the best workout. I did the workout for 6 days a week and rested one day. Resting is also as important.

Do not use lift if it is not required. I followed the 80-20 rule i.e. 80% diet and 20% workouts. Drink 3-4 liter daily. Also the most important is to use minimum salt. My interest is in food also, so did not purchase any sweets and desserts. I make cakes and cooking and desserts at home. Still making. l started loosing weight but very slowly. Still not losing my hope.

I also believe that the best motivation is you, no one can understand better than you. I have uploaded many posts regarding nutritional food on Instagram. For working people, I would say just give half an hour from your work schedule just go for walk whenever you have time. Have some nutritional food in your daily diet like salad, home made food, fruits whatever you like. If you drink tea or coffee don’t take sugar and consume less. I would suggest never go crash diet and weight loss pills, you will loose your weight but will not work for a longer period. Remember diet doesn’t mean you can consume in large amount. Your breakfast, lunch and dinner you should take less portion don’t take very big plate you will automatically fill it with large volume. I mostly buy an organic product which is the best option. Avoid plastic as much as possible.

For me fitness is not only loosing weight it gives you confidence, strength. And it also give you the best fashion style.

Earlier it was my goal to loose weight but now fitness is part of my life style.✨ Connect with your nature. I am not a fitness expert but what I shared here is my experience.

I know there is a question always for those who are trying to loose weight, “why I m not loosing weight?”

You to make a goal that I want to lose weight.

Cut down all processed food, junk food, sugary food, drinking, smoking.etc. as quarantine is going no one wants to be on diet but daily 30 40 mins of excercise is great for you.Homemade food is the best.

Have some seasonal fruits.

Do workout which ever you like for 45 to 50 min. Take less proportion of food, chew slowly, increase your metabolism.

Remember nothing will happen overnight, you have to work hard, have faith in you and have patience.

Do annual check ups of your weight

Never waste FOOD. because its very important for so many people in our country.

I was only able to do this just because of my dedication and efforts because without dedication you will never able to do such things. keep your mind positive and try try try and trust me one day you will definitely achieve your goals. try to not feel demotivated in one or two trials in life, Because my friend everything is possible in life.

if you are demotivated and feeling that i cant able to loose my weight so trust me now you can!

stay happy stay motivated and yes focus on your goals.

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you are simply amazing❤️Kanikee💋❤️

Sarthak arora

It is really inspiring🔥keep it up

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