Self love

To every strong girl-

The girl who cries alone, without saying anything she always tries to hide their feelings from others, without expecting anything from others. she tries to do anything only to make her loved ones happy.

The girl who is everybody’s backbone including her own. she tries to stand with her family in every ups and downs but she always finds her alone in every situation? why? because the girl =who is reading this is strong!

The girl that others first, the girl who always put her family first, the sister who always puts her brother first, the wife who always put her husband first, The mother who always put her Childrens first AND the girlfriend who always makes her boyfriend priority. because she is strong enough to make herself in the first position on its own.

The girl who is always straightforward never twirls away from her morals, she always speaks what her heart says. she is always unable to hide her feelings from others.

The girl who is reading this you deserve a world, and putting baby for 9 months in your womb is not easy, and bleeding for 5 days in every month is very difficult so we should always be proud of ourselves.

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thankyou! you are beautiful.


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Proud be a women 🌸🌸

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